Medical waste in open piles in front of incinerator

Making sure a health care center is healthy

At District Hospital Deido in Douala, Cameroon, infectious waste like used needles and bandages piles up near a broken incinerator, and patients are at risk of contracting diseases they didn't have before. We're crafting a solution that will ensure patients that go to Deido leave with the treatment they need and nothing else.

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The Healthy Hospitals Cameroon Store

We are now selling some great things still hanging around from PowerUp Ethiopia to help raise funds for our project in Douala! All proceeds go directly to the Healthy Hospitals Cameroon project. [Shop]

Published May 14, 2018

Our Mission

We work to provide relief to those adversely affected by social injustices and catastrophic disasters. [Meet Us]

Our Strength

We use our resources efficiently by empowering those in need to help themselves. We provide tools with which people can build a better life. [See What We're Doing]

Our Support

We started with bake sales, so we know that every little bit counts. Donate your time, expertise, or funds and help us change the world. [Support Us]

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