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Concordia Humana is a 501(c)(3) charity founded in 2008 by CEO Danny Sexton and a small group of classmates at St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati, OH. We began as a single-project organization holding donut sales at St. Xavier to raise money for the Jewish World Watch's Solar Cooker Project. The money bought solar cookers and supplies that allowed Darfuri refugees to cook food in the camps instead of risking their lives to go out searching for firewood.

Over the years many original members left Cincinnati for jobs and universities, and we found new opportunities in new places. The Donuts for Darfur project expanded to hold sales in other schools, parishes, and universities throughout the country, and ultimately raised over $21,000 and helped over 700 families.

In 2010 we diversified by holding the first of many canned food drives for our Christmas in July project, collecting food to stock the FreeStore FoodBank of Greater Cincinnati. We also incorporated and gained 501(c)(3) charity status.

Today our primary project is bringing the advantages of solar power to the rural areas of Ethiopia, where power infrastructure is scarce. By providing power for wells, schoolhouses, and clinics, we hope to help lay the groundwork for further development by the communities.

Throughout our history we have valued efficiency and impact. The bulk of our resources go to projects that don't just provide temporary relief, but that save lives and provide foundations on which to build better ones.

For the details on how we operate, you can view our bylaws and financial report. Supplemental documents referenced in the bylaws are available upon request to info@concordiahumana.org.

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