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University of Cincinnati

Cincinnati, OH

The University of Cincinnati has been invaluable in their partnership with Concordia Humana and Haramaya University in Ethiopia, providing experience, connections, and logistical support.

St. Xavier High School

Cincinnati, OH

St. Xavier High School, the institution at which the work of Concordia Humana began, has provided tremendous support in educating several key members of the organization and has raised thousands of dollars for multiple projects through fundraisers and mission collections.

St. Columban School

Loveland, OH

Fourth-grade students at St. Columban School raised over $1000 for PowerUp Ethiopia by running a lemonade stand. We give special thanks to our youngest supporters, may you continue to be such caring, generous, and proactive people!

St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church

West Chester, OH

St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church is a long-time host for fundraising events and charitable collections.

Busken Bakery

Cincinnati, OH

Busken Bakery was our first supporter, providing free and discounted donuts for our early Donuts for Darfur fundraisers.


Cincinnati, OH

Kroger has supplied baked goods for several Donuts for Darfur fundraisers.

Maui Wowi

Coffee and smoothie franchise Maui Wowi has partnered with Concordia Humana in multiple PowerUp Ethiopia fundraisers at large events such as concerts and NASCAR races.

Ethiopic Restaurant

Washington, DC

Ethiopic Restaurant has been a valuable fundraising partner and link to the Ethiopian community in Washington, DC.

Tom Foolery

Washington, DC

The bar Thomas Foolery hosted a successful fundraising and networking event for PowerUp Ethiopia.


Washington, DC

BlackFinn Ameripub, a bar steps away from the White House, hosted an event which raised hundreds of dollars for PowerUp Ethiopia.

Whole Foods

Mason, OH

Whole Foods, Mason hosted the first PowerUp Ethiopia fundraiser: a Christmas gift wrapping table.


CarStickers.com graciously supports Concordia Humana with custom stickers.


underabuck.com supports Concordia Humana with promotional items.

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