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Donuts for Darfur

Donuts for Darfur started in 2008 by selling donuts to raise anti-genocide funds at St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati, OH. Donuts for Darfur began as a small group of students who were interested in helping victims of the Darfuri genocide and saw the great potential of breakfast as a fundraiser in a school full of teenage boys.

Our partners in Cincinnati included Busken Bakery, Ridge Donut Shop, and Kroger grocery stores for our donated stock. Their immense generosity allowed us to expand and grow from non-existence to non-profit in only 11 months. Additionally, several local storefronts throughout the Loveland, OH area set up jars for donations at their cash registers - a source of revenue that covered costs (napkins, cups, etc.) for each donut sale, as well as purchase of extra donuts themselves. (The sale of the purchased donuts actually generated more revenue than the initial donation total; thus, Donuts for Darfur acted as an investment plan for our raw donation funds.)

The money raised from Donuts for Darfur went to the Jewish World Watch's Solar Cooker Project, a peaceful initiative toward ending violence against women in Darfur. Every $30 raised bought a family one solar cooker and a year's worth of cooking supplies.

In all, Donuts for Darfur raised over $21,000 and helped over 700 families.

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